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Comic Jam 2

2012-02-20 07:13:39 by MusiCat

Hmm, wasn't able to submit my comic due to technical and family problems. Well, i'm sorry. The comic will be available to look through on DevArt some years later.
Harumi =^_^=

Graphics, animation, interests, etc.

2012-01-17 16:35:39 by MusiCat

Well, though i called myself an artist there, i'm too far from being a good drawing person <_<.. And, moreover, i'm totally dumb in everything that concerns drawing on computer... However, i practice much in attempts to improve my drawing skills (but unfortunately not in computer graphics). And, what's all that wish-wash about, i want to find a teacher))) Not that one who sells his/her lessons and simply gives the material or some tasks... I need a friend-teacher ^_^" The one who doesn't mind wasting his/her time on me (not for value), the one who can tell a funny (and not offensive!) joke about my fail or, vice versa, can cheer me up when i'm upset. I think that's all of the first part ^_^
The second part is very simple. I offer my help in drawing some pictures for games (paper-->scanning; i'm sorry, but there's no other way for now), so if somebody thinks i'm worthy of it, let me know somehow, especially in the case it's the pictures of manga-style girls or swords or some fantastic creatures ^_~ But i'd warn you that i don't visit the internet very often))
That's all for the moment.
Have a nice day and take care.
Harumi =^_^=