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Clonerellie Clonerellie

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

(A recent one, huh? I mean... well, half a year is not too great all in all, and i didn't have an oportunity (i wonder if it has two "p"-s) to see your movement earlier.) The thing i ought to say is you've chosen a nice and cute path, but look at these hands! Didn't i tell you to use your own ones for getting a base model?! Or, either, you can make all your character's hands put into some kind of thick gloves ^_^ Anyway, as for this drawing, i really like the legs. They fit the style well and don't look too detailed - that's good. And there's a strange background or whatever it is. Fat i guess, a good idea, but she's fat there. If worked in PTSAI then i guess i know the way it's done... Well, that's all for the review. Hope you continue drawing wherever you are.
P.S. Wrote this as a review to the last added drawing, not depending on whatever was before Oo"