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Mosya&Yasya the two cats Mosya&Yasya the two cats

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The video proves to be very nice, and it doesn't last too long. More than that, it really represents lazy cats' behaviour (i could swear, 'cause we have cats too). The cats are a bit fat, but this doesn't make them worse, we'd like them.

The only bad point, i think, is the fact that some lines are too straight.

All in all this video reminded me of so-called "online comics" (i mean those short ones that show us some situations people face in their life),.. A flash movie is much better!

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Mr Drop Mr Drop

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Let's think

From point to point, oh... Well, there's no sound - don't know if it's a drawback or not. Maybe it is. There's no need to judge graphics here i guess. You see, that's not a game in which we pay much attention to it, so it's pretty nice here (not too rough nor complicated yet not excessive). And that's a good idea to make him instead of it ))) Aaaand the puzzle idea is good too. What concerns the process, i don't quite get the idea of some blocks existing here and there without helping or creating a hindrance. The last is the menu i guess. Why not make it a abit more vivid e.g. at least a bigger heading of another colour? ^^ That's all i guess.

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MyLands MyLands

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Oo" Well, this is a nice way to spend a minute or two. Reminded me of huge amounts of mazes my friend and i drew at school. Switchers, path-closing blocks - nice. Graphics - sufficient for this one. One map - that's a pity. Music - great (wish it doesn't end so suddenly). Maybe i miss something... or not. Good anyway =)

Hood Episode 4 Hood Episode 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well done! That was a really good series using sweet and scary music and fine drawings. I've played the first two parts more than two years ago so some details may slip away from me, so i'd be grateful if the author gives an idea of what i've missed.

First, the interpretation of the fairytail in such way does make interest (those demons in the game are different: no 'skin-on-bones' wings, maybe no tails and horns - and i like it! And the mechanical demon creatures! they're just magnificent, like, uh, idk... the Daleks (BBC related) :D). Second, there are some puzzles that make people think, and that's also great (unless it's a thought to watch a playthrough =) ). And C - No-no! The Third thing is the sound. You used proper sound guys, and nothing to say more, nah ^_^
And the last - of course, such a game must contain some humour of any kind, so... it's there, and its kind is fine too.
Btw, found some small text wrecks like:
The "other" demon's words: "He does not makes deals." (i believe it to be "make" there)
Merappi's words: "... my end of the bargin." ("bargain" i guess)
And i didn't quite get if the symbols do have usual meaning like naming sth or anything else...

All in all, that was a lovelyscary and fantastic game that's worth of the highest rating.
Thanks ^-\|

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Recent Art Reviews

Clonerellie Clonerellie

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

(A recent one, huh? I mean... well, half a year is not too great all in all, and i didn't have an oportunity (i wonder if it has two "p"-s) to see your movement earlier.) The thing i ought to say is you've chosen a nice and cute path, but look at these hands! Didn't i tell you to use your own ones for getting a base model?! Or, either, you can make all your character's hands put into some kind of thick gloves ^_^ Anyway, as for this drawing, i really like the legs. They fit the style well and don't look too detailed - that's good. And there's a strange background or whatever it is. Fat i guess, a good idea, but she's fat there. If worked in PTSAI then i guess i know the way it's done... Well, that's all for the review. Hope you continue drawing wherever you are.
P.S. Wrote this as a review to the last added drawing, not depending on whatever was before Oo"